Protect Pavers

You likely wax your vehicle’s surface a few times a year to protect it from the damages of moisture and road debris. It is also essential to seal the paving stones at your home or business to keep the items from degrading from debris such as sand along with protection from rainwater. Sealing a property’s beautiful pavers is easy when you use the proper equipment such as a compressed air pump. You can buy or rent this type of device to use it to apply a liquid sealant. Make sure to use a broom to remove any debris from the paving stones before you spray the substance.

Apply Liquid Sealants

On a warm day, the sealant will dry quickly in the hot Florida sunlight, so we suggest applying the substance early in the morning on a day when you know that it isn’t going to rain. It is important to pay particular attention to saturating the joints or seams between the paving stones to protect the items along with keeping the pavers from lifting from the surface. Experts recommend an application of sealants every two to five years, depending on the type of product that you use.