Offering Travertine Sales & Installation

At Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we install and repair retaining walls that are located on commercial or residential properties. While having an evaluation concerning pool remodeling at your business or home, our technicians can also inspect damaged retaining walls. Using the same variety of pavers throughout your property can give it a cohesive appearance.

Why Your Property Needs a Functional Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are necessary to hold back the soil on a property to prevent erosion. A retaining wall may begin to degrade due to moisture, leading to shifting paving stones that won’t hold back the soil. A technician who works for us can analyze your property’s retaining wall to plan a repair to its foundation or to reattach a few loose pavers.

Fixing and Building Retaining Walls

In some cases, your property will require a completely new retaining wall because its design is no longer functional. Building a retaining wall requires understanding how to plan the device’s pitch along with attaching metallic anchors into the soil behind the wall. In addition, a technician must add a drainage system at the base of the wall to prevent rainwater pressure.