If you have ugly concrete pathways, decks or driveways, you don’t need to have the damaged materials removed from your property. Covering the surfaces with brick or stone pavers is an easier and more economical solution for eliminating unattractive concrete surfaces. To hide concrete with beautiful pavers, you must cover the surface with an even layer of sand, and coarse sand is the best type to use for this process. In some cases, it is a good idea to place a layer of durable cloth over the concrete first to keep the sand from filtering into the cracks and holes on the concrete surface.

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You must layer the interlocking pavers over the sand in the pattern that you choose to create an attractive surface. For some types of pavers, you may want to sprinkle grains of sand over the new surface before using a broom to push the particles between each paving stone. At Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., we have an assortment of gorgeous pavers available. In addition to pool remodeling services with pavers, we can cover ugly concrete surfaces.