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Paving CrewFlorida is famous for having warm temperatures most of the year. The great weather has inspired many homeowners to develop outdoor gathering areas with fire pits to entertain family and friends.
These projects usually need a comfortable, casual feel, one that just isn’t compatible with concrete. Homeowners also don’t want to walk through the grass to access their fire pit. That’s where brick pavers come in.
Brick pavers allow you to create a unique and beautiful hard surface for your complete fire pit project. Pavers can be easily configured into a meandering walkway in any shape, providing a firm, dry surface to get to the fire pit area.
Pavers can then be used around the fire pit to make a solid area for patio furniture and the fire pit itself. The pavers will also keep escaping embers from igniting an unwanted fire in the yard.
If your idea of comfortable outdoor living in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas involves a beautiful walkway out to a relaxing fire pit, brick pavers can be just what you need. They’ll provide safety, beauty, comfort, and clean function with minimal maintenance over their many years of service, all at a lower cost than concrete.