Building Retaining Walls

In addition to using pavers for pool remodeling, you can use the decorative stone to create attractive retaining walls on your property. Retaining walls can look beautiful, but the structures are also useful. You can find an assortment of pavers at Paving Crew Inc., located near Sarasota, Fla. Our salespeople can provide advice concerning retaining walls that are designed for preventing erosion of the soil on your property. A retaining wall is also able to hold back an overflow of rainwater to keep the moisture from entering the foundation of your home.

Offering Travertine Sales & Installation

Retaining walls are built from sturdy substances such as bricks, wood or concrete, but these items are not as attractive as pavers are. After the retaining walls are in place on your lawn, you can have pavers attached to match the deck around your swimming pool, or you might prefer having a retaining wall near a garden instead. At Paving Crew, we can help you determine the dimensions of a retaining wall so that you can order enough pavers to build the structure. We can also sell you the right adhesives so that the pavers will remain in place securely.