We can repair your damaged pavers

Storms can cause serious damage to any home. They can also damage all areas of the home. It’s imperative to have a good look around the front and the back of the home in the aftermath of any storm damage. Storms can damage many things including your pavers. Paver damage can make the entire house look poorly kept. They can also pose a danger. It’s easy to trip on a paver when holding a bag of groceries or putting your garbage cans out. You should aim to get such damage fixed as soon as you can to keep your home safe.

Fixing the Damage

Fixing all storm damaged paves is important. We can help remove any issues that may cause trouble. We can replace any kind of paver in any color, allowing homeowners to match the pattern in front of their homes exactly. We can also help you decide if you want take this opportunity to remove all the pavers and create an entirely new design for the front of your home. Our crew of highly trained workers will help you select the kind of new pavers you want.

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Time to replace your driveway or patio

At Paving Crew, we’ve got you covered whenever it comes time to replace your driveway or patio. Maybe it’s looking rundown or you’ve simply chosen to remodel; regardless, we will be there for you every step of the way. Having been notable pavers in the Sarasota and Bradenton area for years, we have the experience…

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Gorgeous and Sturdy Paved Driveways

Gorgeous and Sturdy Paved Driveways
There are so many ways to improve your outdoor property. You can improve it by keeping your lawn in superb condition. You can improve it by investing in a paved driveway, too. A paved driveway can make a great addition to your property for a number of reasons. It offers practical advantages. A paved driveway can make it simple for a vehicle to access a garage. A paved driveway can also make an outdoor property look a lot better and more inviting. You can build a paved driveway in a wide range of eye-catching and pleasant colors. You can install one in a design that fits your personality and tastes perfectly as well.

If you’re curious about paved driveways, Interlocking Brick Pavers in Sarasota, Florida can help you out. We’re a trusted local company that specializes in pavers, pool remodeling, travertine sales & installation and so much more. Homeowners who want to enhance their properties with gorgeous paved driveways frequently depend on us. Home

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Looking for a relaxing spot

Your home is your place to rest and unwind, to laugh and entertain. It is a place where you want privacy, beauty, and to be surrounded by loved ones. While we cannot ensure that your home is filled with loved ones, we can ensure that it is a private and beautiful respite from crazy days…

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Create a Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace For Your Home’s Backyard

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace For Your Home’s Backyard At The Paving Crew in Sarasota, Fla., we can help you select the best pavers to create a gorgeous outdoor fireplace. If you are tired of carrying a charcoal grill to your backyard to have a cookout, then an outdoor fireplace is the perfect solution. With…

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Providing Paving Stone Installations At Hotels

Providing Paving Stone Installations At Hotels At The Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we can install beautiful stone pavers at hotels in the area. When someone is considering staying at a hotel, she will look at its exterior to determine if it has an attractive interior. Travelers visit Florida for its wonderful outdoor swimming…

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Pavers

At Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we offer a variety of services using pavers. In addition to using pavers for pool remodeling, we can design patio coverings, benches and fire pits that have gorgeous paving stones. Concrete or stone pavers are available in an assortment of colors and sizes so that you can create an attractive ambience in your home’s backyard or front lawn. Pavers are durable items that won’t fade in the hot sunlight in Florida or decay from the moisture of a hurricane. When you have outdoor items made with pavers, the things will last for many years.

Providing Travertine Sales & Installation In Sarasota

Our customers can meet with our sales team to discuss what types of pavers will make a home’s lawns look beautiful. Choosing the right color of pavers can make a home’s exterior look more attractive. It is possible for our customers to buy pavers at the Paving Crew to create their own benches, fire pits or patio c

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Create an Elegant Entertaining Extension Outside Your Home

At Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we know that your swimming pool is an extension of your home. If you want to have an elegant entertaining area that extends from your home to a patio and swimming pool, then contact our company. Our outdoor designers understand the pool remodeling process, and they can create several plans using attractive pavers. With colorful pavers, we can design a pool deck and patio that are perfect for entertaining your family and friends. The wonderful weather in our region is one of the best things about Florida, making it easy to walk directly from your living room onto a home’s patio or swimming pool deck.

Offering Travertine Sales & Installation

If your home’s patio and swimming pool deck are unattractive, then you might not want to have a combination indoor and outdoor party for your guests. Our company keeps an assortment of pavers in a variety of colors that will look fantastic on a

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Dress Up Your Driveway

As a homeowner, you are probably aware of curb appeal. No doubt you want your home to be warm, beautiful and inviting from the outside as well as the inside. One obvious change that can be made is landscaping. But you can spruce up more than just plants around your house.

Pavers, which are functional, decorative bricks, can be used all around your yard. Places such as:

pool areas

As a Travertine Sales and Installation specialist, we can transform a dull sitting area into a coveted gathering place for your family and friends. If you’re thinking about some pool remodeling, consider pavers to give a natural look and unique twist on the outdoor visual experience. And don’t just park your car on plain old gray concrete, pull in to a one-of-a-kind bricked driveway.

Stone pavers come in a variety of textures, colors, sizes and designs, all of which are sure to not only make your home look fantastic, but up the value as well. They are

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Offering Travertine Sales & Installation

Offering Travertine Sales & Installation

At Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we install and repair retaining walls that are located on commercial or residential properties. While having an evaluation concerning pool remodeling at your business or home, our technicians can also inspect damaged retaining walls. Using the same variety of pavers throughout your property can give it a cohesive appearance.

Why Your Property Needs a Functional Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are necessary to hold back the soil on a property to prevent erosion. A retaining wall may begin to degrade due to moisture, leading to shifting paving stones that won’t hold back the soil. A technician who works for us can analyze your property’s retaining wall to plan a repair to its foundation or to reattach a few loose pavers.

Fixing and Building Retaining Walls

In some cases, your property will require a completely new retaining wall because its design is no longer functional. Building a retaining wall re

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