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Windows are an important component of your home

If you’ve got a pool, retaining wall, fire pit or stone deck on which you want rounded edges and/or an improved look, you can use remodeling coping blocks.

Remodeling coping blocks are rounded stone pieces that are meant to go on edges and steps. They work in concert with brick pavers and come in a variety of styles, including bullnose and classic.

Not only do remodeling coping blocks improve the look of your pool, patio or other stone structure, they also can improve safety by eliminating sharp, rough edges.

For all your remodeling coping block needs, work with the Paving Crew, Sarasota and Bradenton’s custom travertine and paving contractor.

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Need pavers?

One of the ways that you can add a beautiful design to the pool area is to use brick pavers. These are bricks that come in different colors and shapes that add a bit of elegance or a contemporary design to the pool area or the deck. We can help you decide on the best options with the brick pavers so that the design matches the exterior of the home as well as the overall design of the pool. You can create pathways that lead to the pool as well as various designs that give the pool area a unique look that the family enjoys.

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Choose Beautiful Brick Pavers

Choose Beautiful Brick Pavers

One of the best things about living in Sarasota, Fla., is having an inground swimming pool in your backyard. To enjoy your swimming pool you must have a deck around it to avoid having puddles of water. When you are ready to build a deck around your swimming pool, make sure to use brick pavers. Paving Crew Inc., has craftsmen who understand how to install brick pavers in special designs around a swimming pool. Brick pavers are available in numerous colors or shapes, and technicians can place the interlocking materials around a square, rectangular or round swimming pool.

Different Colors and Shapes

You might want a swimming pool’s deck to extend to a patio or to a home’s sliding door. In addition, you may want matching brick paver pathways that lead to a garage or through a garden. When you choose brick pavers for your swimming pool’s deck, make sure to use computer software to help you select the colors and shapes that will complement the exterior

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An outdoor pool is a luxury that can serve as a family gathering place as well as a way to entertain guests. Installing pavers around your pool can add class, distinction, and make a personal statement that turns your pool into a home spa area.

Pavers come in different designs, sizes, and colors that can be arranged to create a personal oasis. Designs with different sized pavers can add movement to a small pool area, while solid colors can be used to create geometric designs that add visual appeal.

Pavers allow you to think creatively about the use of space around your pool. Use a herringbone pattern to add a fresh visual element that will welcome guests in style. A curving walkway can enhance a sense of fun and adventure as guests wander to the pool.

The size of the pavers also plays a key role in the look and feel of your pool area. Large smooth pavers offer tranquility and calm while small pavers exude energy and movement. No matter the look you want, pavers can help you achieve

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Create a backyard oasis

Create a Backyard Oasis with Brick Pavers

Extending your living space into the backyard can give you more livable square footage and make your home the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Pavers can be used to define your outdoor space. They come in various colors, shapes, and designs so that you can create a look that is uniquely you. Brick pavers can be arranged to create a welcoming dining area or whimsically arrange to make a winding path through your backyard that will take your guests, friends, and family on a tour of the beauties of your garden.

We can help you make your home stand out from the crowd. A fire pit with seating takes on some sophistication when done in brick, while a driveway becomes a grand entrance to your home. Designs that combine pavers of different sizes create the illusion of movement, adding to effects of your landscaping. Using pavers can add the touch of elegance that you’ve been looking to add to your home.

Whether you’re want to add character poolsi

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Consider pavers for an updated look

If you desire a new look for your driveway or walkway, consider pavers. These add beauty to the home as well as a modern design. There are several new pavers that are available from our company, such as those that look like bricks and those that have a rustic appearance. Each paver interlocks with another so that they stay in place. We have some pavers that look like stone and some that have hints of color embedded in them so that there is a slight sparkle when the sun shines on them. We can offer tips on the kind of paver that will match the exterior of the home if yu are unsure of what to have installed.

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Since you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful Sunshine State, you spend plenty of time outdoors. Because of this, you want the outdoor spaces in your home to be as beautiful as the interior of your home. If your walkways, patio, or pool area are looking dated, you can make a huge change by having new pavers installed by Paving Crew.

Pavers won’t just add to the beauty of your home: They will transform it! Pavers are both attractive and durable. Unlike regular pavement, they won’t crack or break under normal usage, so your investment will be protected for a long period of time.

When it comes to the installation of pavers, the possibilities are endless! Here in Florida, one of our most popular tasks is installing pavers around a pool deck. This gives your whole pool area an upscale feel. Since pavers aren’t slippery, it also helps keeps your friends and family members safe while walking around the pool.

At Paving Crew, we also install pavers on patios, walkways, driveways and man

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We here Paving Crew offer the people of Sarasota, Florida the highest quality and most attractive paving services in the state. All we do at Paving Crew is pave your driveway or sidewalk. We dedicate ourselves solely to making sure you get top notch work in a timely manner.

We have been paving for more than 10 years, and know how to make our customers happy! We feature a 5,000 square foot showroom where our designers will work one on one with you to create something stunning. The rest of our team will stick with you every step of the way, offering the best customer service around, until your project is completed.

Our talented designers are well-versed in the latest trends in driveway and sidewalk paving. Do you want something unique? No problem. Our designers are creative, resourceful, and happy to work with you until your needs are met.

We offer free quotes through our website, Please feel free to contact us any time through our website or over the phone.

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If you’ve ever looked outside the home and noticed water standing along the foundation or in the yard, you might have issues with ponding. This is when the water will stand in one area without draining in a short amount of time or if the water has nowhere to go once it’s in the yard. You can keep water from invading your yard and home with retaining walls that we offer. Walls come in various heights and designs depending on the size of the yard and the area of the yard that you need to protect. We also offer walls in a variety of lengths so that you can create a solid piece instead of linking several pieces together.

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Protect Your Driveway with a Beautiful Paver Design.

A cracked and pitted driveway doesn’t get better. As time goes on rain and weight will continue to cause further damage. A convenient and beautiful way to stop further damage and extend the life of your driveway is with pavers. For the best results, it’s critical to use a company that knows how to do it right, that can create a beautiful design for your home, and that brings their own crew dedicated to paver installation in the Southwest Florida area.

Paving Crew meets all of these marks, is fully licensed and insured, and is Better Business Bureau A+ rated. Addressing a damaged driveway as soon as possible is the best way to protect your investment and get the result you want with the minimum disruption. Our dedicated designers and installers are ready to help.

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