When it comes to adding value to your home, concrete pavers have an aesthetic advantage over typical concrete and asphalt surfaces. Depending on the anticipated layout and look of the landscape areas surrounding the house, concrete pavers add character to the home’s unique landscape style. Other than the typical applications of installing pavers over swimming pool deck and driveway areas, there are other areas within the home that pavers would add a complimentary style to the residence.

One such area of the house is the walkway leading to the front of the residence. The first thing people see when driving down the street is the front of the house. Concrete paver walkways stand out and can compliment the landscaping surrounding it. Homeowners should also consider a pervious paver for their walkway which allows stormwater runoff to drain into the pavers and eventually to the existing subgrade below it. Many high-end homes that require compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations would also benefit as stormwater runoff is contained within the site and does not enter the publicly-maintained storm drain system.

As you can see, pavers come in all shapes and functions and will always add benefit to residential landscaping.