Keep Stone Pavers Beautiful After Pool Remodeling

After the Paving Crew Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., completes your property’s pool remodeling, you will want to keep the pavers looking beautiful for many years. Sand, weeds and the chlorine chemicals from a swimming pool’s water can destroy the new paving stones when you don’t provide the proper maintenance. Use the water from a garden hose to rinse off the stones to remove debris. If you have a pool party, then make sure to use a pressure washer and soap to remove spilled foods.

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You don’t want weeds to grow between your swimming pools stone or brick pavers, so mist the area with a homemade weed killer such as vinegar mixed with salt. When a weed does grow in the area between the brick pavers, remove it carefully. If a paving stone lifts from its underlying surface, then tap it gently with a rubber mallet to put it back into place. After a storm’s winds blows gritty sand onto the brick pavers, use a leaf blower to remove it. For small amounts of sand, sweep it away with a soft-bristled broom.