An outdoor pool is a luxury that can serve as a family gathering place as well as a way to entertain guests. Installing pavers around your pool can add class, distinction, and make a personal statement that turns your pool into a home spa area.

Pavers come in different designs, sizes, and colors that can be arranged to create a personal oasis. Designs with different sized pavers can add movement to a small pool area, while solid colors can be used to create geometric designs that add visual appeal.

Pavers allow you to think creatively about the use of space around your pool. Use a herringbone pattern to add a fresh visual element that will welcome guests in style. A curving walkway can enhance a sense of fun and adventure as guests wander to the pool.

The size of the pavers also plays a key role in the look and feel of your pool area. Large smooth pavers offer tranquility and calm while small pavers exude energy and movement. No matter the look you want, pavers can help you achieve the pool area you’ve been dreaming about.