Tips to Improve Curb Appeal of your Home

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the need for cleaning and maintaining your house. Unfortunately, you may not be focusing enough on your home’s exterior. Since curb appeal plays a large part in your home’s value, ensuring your home’s exterior is clean and in good condition is key. Here are a few tips to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Hardscapes and Driveways

The driveway, walkway, and front porch space deserve attention considering these surfaces are what passerby and guests first see. If your concrete or pavers are broken, consider replacing with new pavers for a modern, elegant look. If they are already in good condition, make sure to clean the surface using a pressure washer.


Improving your landscape design is also important for your home’s curb appeal. To get started, remove any overgrown or dead shrubbery. Clean out all garden beds and plant new greenery and flowers to give your curb appeal some color. Fill the beds in with fresh mulch or pine straw, as well. Consider adding borders to the beds with pavers or stone.

Your curb appeal deserves some attention, since it does offer a first impression to your home. With these tips, you can improve the appeal and value of your house.