Create a Unique Driveway Style

If you are tired of having a plain cement driveway that looks the same as all of the others in a neighborhood, then make a change by having paver inlays installed. Paving Crew Inc., located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., offers one of the largest selections of paving brick in the state. Instead of having a single color paver driveway built at your property, permit us to create a unique design. There are great reasons to have beautiful inlay designs on a property’s driveway, including helping to augment other features or colors of the building or to make it more recognizable.

Use Different Colors for Designs

Custom inlays are a good way to provide borders on a driveway or to separate sections for different vehicles. If your driveway is shared with a neighboring property, then an inlay design can help to keep the sections separated. Masonry designs with a variety of colors of pavers on driveway surfaces are the perfect way to create pathways. Inlay pavers can create checkerboard designs, diamond shapes or crossing lines. With a computer software program, you can see what a paving stone driveway design will look like before installation.