A home has been called many things, but it definitely should be an oasis that people can enjoy while they are outside. As an experienced paving contractor who has worked with many people, there have been a number of customers who wonder whether it is best of have pavers or mulch in a yard. The fact of the matter is that pavers are a fantastic way to go.

Remember that pavers are an excellent form of décor. Pavers can compliment a home or outdoor area. Pavers do not change shape or size throughout all the seasons. Contrary to popular belief, pavers do not cost very much money and will not need the nurture and care that mulch requires. After a length of time, mulch needs to be replaced, but that is not the case with pavers.

After a strong rainfall, pavers do not move around as mulch can do. Pavers can easily be rinsed off when there is dirt on them and can direct the flow of water in one direction or another. Mulch does not do that, and it can be expensive to find a particular brand or color of mulch. Pavers are a fantastic choice for a yard.