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When you use pavers by our company, you can get a beautiful look on your driveway that brings out the beauty of the outside of the home. We offer various designs and sizes depending on the driveway or sidewalk that you have. Our staff can help you create a custom look or simply deliver the materials that you need so that you can complete the project on your own. Only the finest materials are used, making them easy to install around a pool, flower bed and other areas where you want to add a decorative look while still maintaining function with the walkway.

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Create a Unique Driveway Style

If you are tired of having a plain cement driveway that looks the same as all of the others in a neighborhood, then make a change by having paver inlays installed. Paving Crew Inc., located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., offers one of the largest selections of paving brick in the state. Instead of having a single color paver driveway built at your property, permit us to create a unique design. There are great reasons to have beautiful inlay designs on a property’s driveway, including helping to augment other features or colors of the building or to make it more recognizable.

Use Different Colors for Designs

Custom inlays are a good way to provide borders on a driveway or to separate sections for different vehicles. If your driveway is shared with a neighboring property, then an inlay design can help to keep the sections separated. Masonry designs with a variety of colors of pavers on driveway surfaces are the perfect way to create pathways. Inlay

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