Paving Crew Serves Sarasota and Bradenton With The Best Paving Services

From design to installation, Paving Crew serves Sarasota and Bradenton each day. We’re a paving contractor that’s dedicated to your satisfaction. Our showroom spans over 5,000 feet and showcases the materials we use for various projects. When it comes to brick paving, we provide unparalleled service and results for residential and commercial clients. A track record of excellence is evidence of our dedication to your needs.

Paving Crew tackles everything from driveways to walkways and more. For business clients, we can create intricate designs with our brick paving experts. Our team can install simple and generic pavement projects with ease. Custom paving projects stand out as our true calling, and we start each project from scratch in the design phase. From there, clients are guaranteed to receive a unique completed project.

We believe in offering excellent customer service and competitive pricing. After startin

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Tips to Improve Curb Appeal of your Home

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the need for cleaning and maintaining your house. Unfortunately, you may not be focusing enough on your home’s exterior. Since curb appeal plays a large part in your home’s value, ensuring your home’s exterior is clean and in good condition is key. Here are a few tips to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Hardscapes and Driveways

The driveway, walkway, and front porch space deserve attention considering these surfaces are what passerby and guests first see. If your concrete or pavers are broken, consider replacing with new pavers for a modern, elegant look. If they are already in good condition, make sure to clean the surface using a pressure washer.


Improving your landscape design is also important for your home’s curb appeal. To get started, remove any overgrown or dead shrubbery. Clean out all garden beds and plant new greenery and flowers to give your curb appeal some color. Fill

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Dressing up your home’s front and back yards can seem like a monumental task, but it may be easier than you may think. One of the challenges that people face when improving their yards is trying to find a way to give it a completed look. You may have already created gorgeous garden areas that you want to show off, and the perfect way to accomplish this goal is by adding custom walkways to your space. The Paving Crew is available to help you add beautiful new walkways to your yard as desired.

When you enhance your yard with gorgeous walkways, the design of the pavers as well as their incredible colors and details will give you the look you want in your space. More than that, they will draw the eye to your gardens and encourage others to stop and smell the flowers. Giving your garden areas an attractive look is something that you may want to do, but finding a way to do this can seem like a challenge. The Paving Crew provides you with the perfect way to overcome your challenges so that y

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Beautiful on the Outside, Too

Are you certain that you have the best business in town but it’s hard to tell from the outside? Has our tropical climate gotten your exterior weathered and drab? Great curb appeal is almost as important to having a successful business as great customer service. The Paving Crew is an expert in giving the exterior of your business a makeover! Busted cement and overgrown stepping stones can be replaced by beautifully designed, durable, timeless brick-pavers custom-designed for your property to give your business the exterior that matches your hard work and success on the interior. Draw your clientele in from the outside making it hard for them to want to leave!

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When you use pavers by our company, you can get a beautiful look on your driveway that brings out the beauty of the outside of the home. We offer various designs and sizes depending on the driveway or sidewalk that you have. Our staff can help you create a custom look or simply deliver the materials that you need so that you can complete the project on your own. Only the finest materials are used, making them easy to install around a pool, flower bed and other areas where you want to add a decorative look while still maintaining function with the walkway.

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Create a Unique Driveway Style

If you are tired of having a plain cement driveway that looks the same as all of the others in a neighborhood, then make a change by having paver inlays installed. Paving Crew Inc., located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., offers one of the largest selections of paving brick in the state. Instead of having a single color paver driveway built at your property, permit us to create a unique design. There are great reasons to have beautiful inlay designs on a property’s driveway, including helping to augment other features or colors of the building or to make it more recognizable.

Use Different Colors for Designs

Custom inlays are a good way to provide borders on a driveway or to separate sections for different vehicles. If your driveway is shared with a neighboring property, then an inlay design can help to keep the sections separated. Masonry designs with a variety of colors of pavers on driveway surfaces are the perfect way to create pathways. Inlay

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Numerous Paver Styles

Fire pits are one of the most popular items to have built in a backyard to enjoy an outdoor space. At Paving Crew Inc., located in Sarasota, Fla., our technicians understand how to design and build an attractive and safe fire pit at a residential or commercial property. You want a fire pit to add beauty to a home or business’s landscaping, and there are a variety of paving stone colors, sizes and textures available to create a unique structure.

Roast Hot Dogs

Imagine having a fire pit at your own home or business where it is possible to light a fire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows on a cool evening. With a fire pit nearby, you do not need to travel to a park to enjoy a cookout or sit next to relaxing flickering flames.

Use Interlocking Stones

Our knowledgeable builders can create a customized plan to build a gorgeous paving stone fire pit in just a few days. We have hundreds of pavers to choose from, and with our interlocking system, a fire pit is buil

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Paving Crew is dedicated to providing our clients with beautiful pavers in homes and businesses around our community. With the terrific weather that we have in Florida, it is not a surprise that people want to spend time outdoors. However, some people are embarrassed about how patio, pool deck or other outdoor surfaces look. We understand that people can be overwhelmed at all of the options that are available for pavers. Therefore, we at Paving Crew can make the paving process easy and free of stress.

Our professionals are more than willing to meet with home and business owners and visit about how to enhance an outdoor living space. People are surprised at the wide variety of pavers that are available. In addition to this, the pavers that we offer are designed to match the exterior of a home as well as décor that is featured outside. Furthermore, people are surprised at how affordable many projects can be. Our experienced team of professionals works wisely with our time and makes sur

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Use Pavers for a Home’s Exterior

Use Pavers for a Home’s Exterior

Because there is year-round warm weather in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., it is much easier to create a luxurious outdoor atmosphere at private properties. Paving Crew specializes in placing pavers on a home’s decks, garden pathways and entrance ways. There are numerous colors, shapes and styles of pavers that are designed to create a unique and attractive appearance around a home. If you are a homeowner who hasn’t looked at the wide selection of paving stones available, then contact us today to learn more.

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We have one of the largest warehouses in the industry, and our technicians understand the specialized requirements for materials used in our hot climate. Our employees can create a customized landscaping design that becomes the place where everyone wants to go for a fun time. If your home’s exterior is looking outdated and shabby, then it is time to upgrade with neutral or brightly colored pavers that are suit

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Do you need to cover ugly concrete?

If the driveway of your home has unsightly cracks, then it is time to contact us at Paving Crew Inc. located in Sarasota and Bradenton, Fla., to install new paving stones. Instead of using unattractive cement or asphalt to create a driveway surface for a home, choose long-lasting paving stones. Interlocking paving stones are the newest and most attractive way to build a driveway that will improve the appearance of a home and give it better curb appeal. The first thing for homeowners to do is contact us for a free on-site inspection to receive an estimate about the cost of labor and materials for a new driveway.

We have a huge showroom and outside area with different sizes, colors and textures of paving stones that are designed to complement the exterior of a home and its landscaping. Our crew can remove damaged driveway material before leveling underlying surfaces and preparing it for the installation of new stone. We work efficiently while protecting other areas near a home to preven

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